Types of Services

Types of Services

** As a Holistic Healer/Counselor and Reiki Master attuned to Usui, Shamanic, and Ascension modalities, I am able to incorporate various techniques into my healings that are personally tailored to each client, helping them achieve a place of peace and balance on all levels ~ physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally ~ ultimately attaining true health and wholeness. I additionally offer guidance through General or Life Balance Readings using 18 different oracles and specialize in Distant Healing, offered through Skype or by phone.
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Some issues I help with:

* Help clear core emotional and psychological blocks, such as...
~ Anxiety/Stress
~ Anger
~ Addictions
~ Depression
~ Fear
~ Grief
~ Guilt
~ Phobias
~ Shame
~ Weight Issues

* Help mend fragments of the soul and heal trauma, through...
~ Detaching Negative Cords
~ Soul Retrieval
~ Past Life Regression

* Insight into energetic imbalances and the rebalancing of your Chakras and Aura

* Help connect you to your Animal Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters

* Help maintain general health and relaxation through Reiki

* Help find underlying issues of dis-ease

* Help manage and lessen negative symptoms of illness through Reiki

* Spiritual counseling through oracle readings

* Energy healing for animals

* Recommendations for herbs, vitamins, and flower essences

* Distant Reiki Attunements

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