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Kim is amazing! She saw my protectors and she has helped me in ways I have no words to describe. My body is happier and my mind is much calmer. She is showing me how to accept myself for who I am and how to see the light in life. She is the definition of "giving" and I can not Thank her enough.
~ Terri, Chardon, OH
Well, this was my very 1st reading and I thought it was great! I liked how you went through each step and what you did and how you got your answers. It's interesting to piece things together that are happening and see how they match up with the reading.
~ Brenda, Harrisburg, PA
I just had a reading from Kimberly and I can tell you she is really gifted. She was able to confirm so many patterns I was feeling myself about things happening in my professional and personal life. She is very thorough, in that, she harnesses all her knowledge of numerology and Angel Guidance to give a comprehensive and beautiful reading. She was spot on about a lot going on in my life with the "Queen", "Goddess" other words opening up to Feminine energy within and without, and even about my search for a significant other. She obviously taps into a vast amount of information and presents them in a very positive and constructive manner. A terrific conduit for Higher and Angelic guidance she is someone I would seriously recommend to get a reading from. I am very fortunate to have connected with her and I am sure she will help shed light and love on your issues, and will tell you all that she thinks you should know to help you on your way. Thanks much, Kim! This is your dear from India :D
Subu Shankar, Mumbai, India
Kim, What an awesome reading! I have recently started focusing on deepening my relationship and understanding of Jesus. In the past week I have seen some noticeable changes as things have fallen apart yet my reaction has been far less negative and my faith deepening that all that is making me insecure is going to be OK. My conscious goal is to stop wasting time and energy worrying. I love knowing that angels are all around, I have been smelling flowers a lot and felt that was a sign that they were around me. Plus the fact that my racing mind has quieted and I feel more at peace than I have in a long time. I have been downsizing my possessions by selling them on eBay, I feel overwhelmed by the amount of things that I have and they add anxiety to my life. AA Michael and Raphael are my "go to" archangels, I call on them a lot. I had not thought about yoga but have been trying to get motivated to add some type of physical activity. I will ask for AA Sandalphon's guidance now. So as you can see your reading is right on at every aspect. I'm not shocked, I especially liked seeing that adding energy healing was recommended. I, for some unknown reason, was questioning if I should do it. The sum of all of this REALLY makes me feel better knowing that I am on track with what I am doing. Thank you so much.
~ Lynne, VA, USA
I thought the readings were awesome! They were like perfect actually! I have no idea what would of needed changed, haha but I enjoyed it a lot :)
~ Sara, Pittsburgh, PA
Dearest Kim,
I was so excited when I won the Valentine contest, and even more excited afterwards! I'd been dealing with a number of ailments but the most prominent was a kidney stone. After using multiple herbs for weeks with only minimal relief, I started my healing sessions with you. Even after the first treatment, I experienced immediate relief, both from the pain and bladder urgency. It has been over a month and the ailment has not come back to haunt me!! The Reading was quite enlightening and inspirational too. Thank you so much for your guidance and help.
~ Dee, Scranton, PA
You have always been and continue to be my mentor. You have taught me much and I hope I have taught you too.
~ BK
Had an oracle reading by Kim and WOW!! She was right on target in all the areas of my life I needed to work on but kept denying. Thanks for the little nudge in helping me move forward to heal my life.
~ Blessings, Lu
you are real good real one ,, you doing alot to helping ppl you are master too.. plz keep in your helping way..
God bless you
~ Islam, Cairo Egypt
Floated to your website today and it is beautiful (just like you). Hope everything is fine with you. Keep up the good work and hope to see you again someday.
~ Joe Gribbin
This summer I called Kim in tears, sobbing that a stray cat I had been feeding had been shot. His back leg was dangling and he was in obvious pain. I proceeded with him to the vet's, listened in horror, was told that the cat's leg would need to be amputated. I refused for some reason, and took him home to heal. Within hours, Kim managed to send healing and called on friends within her circle. Kim would call and check on his progress, continuing sending healing and light. That was a few short months ago. I am so happy and proud to relate that this week my kitty ran fast enough to catch a squirrel! My sincere thanks and blessings to you Kim. You are without a doubt one of a kind. The world is definitely a better place with your light in it. : )
~ Laura, Johnstown PA
I have found your site, the Story of YOU is a miracle. I hope Those who read this will be inspired to DO the 3 A's. I AM. As you well know we all have hard knocks but you, my dear friend, are an inspiration when I feel like giving in and lettin go. Thank you for your Heart Strength and LOVE.
~ NightWolf
Your Web Site is "JUST WONDERFUL" I will never forget the day I met you... We just hit it right off... Well, of-course my dear we are both with the same Ilness. You, and your Mother were sitting in Rudy's Chair. May, G-D rest his Soul!!! We all have our very own Gift's. And, I Thank You for yours. I did not know you were of the Seven Sister's. So, am I!!! I hope in our new life. That, we are both free of all of our Earth Bound "Stuff"
And, soon... Love - Joy - Blessing Shalom
~ Chava Bat Avraham Ve Sarah "Christine"
Absolutely love the new look of your site!!
~ Mikaura, VaBeach VA
I told ye you were awesome!
~ Brian, Dublin Ireland
Since my Reiki treatments, I must say I have a general feeling of well-being now compared to before. I can recognize it through the way I react to problems; I am much calmer in how I deal with them. I also feel a lot happier.
~ Fatima, Macau China
Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful gift with all of us. You are a great inspiration to everyone. I hope you continue on your path of empowerment and wholeness. It never ceases to amaze me the calmness and peacefulness that seems to enfold me during and after my treatments... and that flows right over into my family dealings as well.
~ Raye, Ontario Canada
Dear Friend, I thank you for BEING YOU! I cherish your Light & Heart. As A DIAMOND of great Brilliance, You Make My DAY!!!!! I Miss you and send my Love and BEST WISHES for a Beautiful Day.
~ Jimmy Z, Altoona
Love, peace, and blessings to you <3
~ embers' flame
Great site! Thank you for sharing your experiences and your gift to help others. :)
~ William, London England
You have a wonderful gift in helping people. I am so lucky to have you in my life. You have done so much for me. After the Reiki treatments, my back pain decreased considerably and everyone kept asking me what I was taking to be so relaxed. I told them Reiki. Then I told them about you!
~ Jan L, Cleveland OH
Thank you so much Kimberly you are awesome! I would like to share the following experience. I had an annoying pain in my shoulder that just would not go away. After recieving your month long healings, I'm pain free! Your are a wonderful healer. Blessings, love and light.
~ Martha, Sacramento CA
Kim often spoke of doing Reiki and vibrational work and I got to see how it worked first hand. We met up for lunch one day to catch up on old times. I had complained about my arm, showing her the advanced bursitis in my elbow and explained my doctor wanted to perform surgery. While we were chatting after our lunch, Kim placed her hands on my elbow. After 20 minutes, the swelling and pain completely disappeared. I decided to take her up on her offer of trying out a month of Reiki sessions in conjunction with a recommended castor oil pack. To my surprise (and my excitement!), I no longer have problems with the bursitis. I also don't need any surgery. HOORAH for natural therapies!!!
~ Wendy, Washington DC
This is a fantastic tool to help people to help themselves. I think you are a shinning light and have done wonders with your life despite the obstacles that have crossed your path.
~ Barbara, Memphis TN
Impressive website!
~ Johnny
During the month of April I received distance healing Reiki treatments from Kim. During that time I was under a lot of challenges at work and personally with my mother’s medical condition. Since I reside in Philadelphia and my mother in Chicago this added a great deal of stress related to managing her care. The Reiki sessions provided an opportunity for me to stay balanced throughout this process. On April 29 my mother passed away and I still feel the power of the Reiki energy bringing peace in my life. I am also a Reiki practitioner and truly appreciated the healing support I received from Kim during a very challenging time in my life.
~ Zemoria, Philadelphia PA

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