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The Violet Flame Meditation has been found to be extremely effective for uplifting energy, accelerating spiritual growth, and releasing old patterns that no longer serve us on our path towards healing and wholeness.

The Violet Flame is an action that embraces the process of total transmutation of the Self ~ physically, mentally, and emotionally. It is a manifestation of the Law of Forgiveness, which in turn, is based on the Law of Love. When we begin to experience Universal Love, we experience transformation of our personality and all aspects of our life.

The conscience use of the Violet Flame is the only means by which we can free ourselves of accumulated human discord and imperfection, where our baser human traits begin to dissolve, leaving behind the clear essence of our soul, or God-Self


Get yourself relaxed and quiet, using a technique familiar to you. If you have not developed one, simply allow t he body to relax as you follow your breath for a few minutes, counting to 4 on the in-breath and 6 on the out-breath. Do not struggle with your thoughts or any jumbled emotions, but allow them to flow in and out as waves of the ocean, returning gently to your breath.

Feel yourself surrounded by the Violet Flame, the shade of the violet neon sign, with the Flame flowing from the base of your feet upward through your body to the top of the head and up into your God Presence. Some people like to envision a huge, violet flame in front of them, which they step into, then feel the Flame surround them. Visualize yourself in the Flame for at least 10-15 minutes. During this time, repeat the mantra,

"I AM a being of the Violet Fire.
I AM the purity of God's desire."

Intuit the number of repetitions that feel best to you.

Start out using the Violet Flame once a day, ultimately working up to three times a day. In a few weeks, you will feel a great freedom and ease in your body, clearness in your mind, and victory in your affairs.

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