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Opening our hearts is a much needed ingredient throughout our healing journeys, and one of the best ways to open them is through forgiveness, both of ourselves as well as others. Forgiveness fosters growth in the mind and spirit and enables us to release pain from our past. Adamantly holding on to emotional baggage through life such as guilt, unforgiveness, and resentment, weighs us down and keeps us negatively attached to the incident and person we feel has wronged us. Forgiving someone doesn't mean we're excusing what he or she did. It does, however, mean that we're stopping the cycle of our own pain and releasing the attachment so we can heal and move forward in our lives.


This exercise helps get rid of any stubborn forgivenesses, guilt and resentment issues that you haven’t yet been able to release. It takes about an hour or so but is well worth it! Before beginning the exercise, call upon Archangel Uriel’s assistance. Uriel brings Divine Light into our lives as he helps us release accumulated painful burdens and memories.

1) Write a list of EVERYONE (and I mean everyone!) whom you feel has ever hurt you in any way. Go back as far as you can, to kindergarten or even before that if you can remember. Don’t forget to include yourself in the list for any mistakes, goof-up’s, judgments, and unfulfilled promises or commitments. It’s often more difficult to look at our own shortcomings and forgive ourselves than it is to forgive others.

2) Next, make a list of everyone you feel that YOU have hurt in your life, intentionally or not. Remember, this is not a blame game. We are all human and we all make mistakes.

3) After the lists are completed, go through each of them, name by name. For each person, say “I forgive you and release all karmic connections we have together in all directions of time. I send you love and bless you on your way.”

* This can be repeated as often as desired *

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