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There are hidden qualities and forces of Nature that are woven into every aspect of our lives which can impart much needed sacred insights. Take, for example, the animals. Since time immemorial, animals have served as messengers for the Divine and have been acknowledged by cultures across the globe. They are symbolic totems that speak to us every day through their appearances, behaviors and characteristics, offering us guidance, support and awareness in our everyday lives. We merely need to take notice.

Animal totems or, teachers, will make themselves known at the right time. Each species has its own unique, spiritual nature to express, exemplifying qualities we can learn from. Animals speak to us in numerous ways; by their colors or numbers, how they act along with the natural actions and reactions to their surroundings, or in which season they appear. The key to understanding their personal message to you is by learning about the animal and discovering those qualities you need to pay attention to. One needs to be become perceptive and aware of his/her surroundings. When you see animals that catch your attention and stand out above the norm, they're asking you to take notice and to look deeper for the message or lesson they've come to offer.

I, personally, have a strong affinity towards animals. They have played a huge role in my life for many years, aiding me on my journey of awareness, understanding, and ultimately, self-discovery. I merely need to ask Spirit for guidance regarding an issue, and the appropriate animal will appear within a few days through any number of venues....either literally in my backyard, or through dreams, books, the computer, TV, etc. They've never ceased to capture my imagination or amaze me with their incredible, accuracy of messages pertinent to my life.

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